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Inscribed Pompeian millstones from Tarragona, Spain / Diana Gorostidi Pi, Jordi López Vilar, Hernando Royo Plumed
Gorostidi Pi, Diana

En: 213474 Tilting at mills : the archaeology and geology of mills and milling : Proceedings of the colloquium held at the Museum of archaeology of Almería, Spain 5-8 March, 2014. Lleida : Universitat de Lleida, 2019. p. 235-242

This paper presents a small assemblage of inscribed Pompeian millstones from Roman Tarraco and its surroundings (Tarragona, Spain). Pompeian millstones are not common in the Spanish Peninsula. Furthermore, most are long-distance imports from volcanic quarry districts elsewhere in the Mediterranean, notably the Vulsini sector near Orvieto (north of Rome) characterised by leucite crystals. Inscribed millstones are even less common in Hispania. The three cases presented in this paper (two catilli and one meta), with clear links to Italy, are the only known examples to date bearing inscriptions in Spain. This paper also establishes that inscription analyses, in conjunction with typological and petrological studies, can serve in resolving the complex process of millstone provenancing and dating.

Matèries: Molins ; Materials de construcció ; Epigrafia ; Epoca romana ; Objectes arqueològics
Àmbit:Tarragona ; Mediterrània
Autors add.:López i Vilar, Jordi ; Royo Plumed, Hernando
Accés: https://raco.cat/index.php/RAP/article/view/382398/
Localització: Universitat Rovira i Virgili; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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