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Factors Inhibiting the Social Mobilization : The Case of the Petrochemical Area of Tarragona / Josep Espluga Trenc, Jordi Farré Coma, Jan Gonzalo Iglesias, [et al.]

En: Reis : Revista española de investigaciones sociológicas. [Madrid], núm. 146 (2014) , p. 191-216 (p. 24-52)
Bibliografia. Resums en castellà i anglès.

Research into risk perception has been typically focused on the study of social conflicts motivated by potentially dangerous technologies and events. However, in this article an attempt is made to understand why, in certain cases, the population exposed to an obvious risk are not actively mobilised and do not protest against it. Based on a case study in the petrochemical area of Tarragona, the population?s perception and practices in connection with risk are analysed by using data from a series of focus groups (8) and a questionnaire survey (N = 400). The results allow us to disregard unawareness of risk as a reason, and to assess the importance of the perceived benefits from exposure to risk, as well as to understand the fundamental role of trust and dependency that are embedded in a social and institutional context characterised by a marked asymmetry in power relations.

Matèries: Estudi sociològic ; Moviments socials ; Conflictivitat social ; Participació social ; Indústria petroquímica ; Impacte ambiental ; Enquestes
Àmbit:Tarragona ; Vila-seca ; Reus ; Pobla de Mafumet, la ; Morell, el ; Perafort ; Constantí
Autors add.:Espluga Trenc, Josep Lluís ; Farré Coma, Jordi ; Gonzalo Iglésias, Jan
Accés: http://www.reis.cis.es/REIS/PDF/REIS_146_081397046895230.pdf
Localització: UAB: Humanitats (Hemeroteca); Universitat de Barcelona; Universitat de Girona; Universitat de Lleida; Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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