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Catalan cartoons : a cultural and political history / Rhiannon McGlade
McGlade, Rhiannon

Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 2016
XII, 270 p. : il. ; 23 cm (Iberian and Latin American studies
Bibliografia. Índex.
ISBN 9781783168040

Rhiannon McGlade has made an impressive study of a rich tradition of satirical drawings and has found a thread that unites the survival of the Catalan identity with its cartoons. This deep and rigorous analysis of the satirical press presents a new perspective on a key period in Catalan history, delving into the historical, linguistic and ideological details of an art that is as popular as it is corrosive. --Jaume Kap Berga Capdevila, cartoonist, caricaturist and author" In the recent and pressing context of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad contest fall-out, the censorship of Assem Trivedi s cartoon website, and countless other global responses to challenging graphical satire, it is easy to overlook historical precedents. Cartooning and graphical satire are here afforded the attention they so richly deserve but have rarely received in the field of modern Hispanic cultural history, and this volume lends sorely needed impetus to the study of a genre which, paradoxically, has never been so prominent in contemporary media coverage. --P. Louise Johnson, University of Sheffield" Catalan ninots an untranslatable term that covers forms from political caricature to comics are today a common recourse for visualising many aspects of Spanish politics and culture during the last hundred years or so. Rhiannon McGlade s pioneering work applies serious cultural analysis, careful contextualisation, and a broad chronological perspective to what is a rich and varied subject. (Enric Ucelay-Da Cal).

Matèries: Premsa satírica ; Humor gràfic ; Caricatures ; Premsa política ; Vida política ; Vida cultural ; Censura
Àmbit:Catalunya ; Espanya
Cronologia:[1898 - 1977]
Autors add.:University of Wales
Localització: Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona

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